chlorella food supplement

Appearance : green powder
Grade:Food, Health Care Products
Package:1kg/Bag, 25kg/Drum

Product Details

Appearance: green powder

chlorella powder


1.    The benefits of chlorella improve your body from head to toe.It’s truly amazing how one tiny algae can support so many areas of health. It’s chlorella’s superfood nutrition that gets your body flourishing.

2.    Chlorella assists your body in removing these substances from your body. Beyond giving you so many benefits, chlorella also has the power to take away what is dragging you down.

3.    Some of these other impressive benefits of chorella:

      Help keep the immune system working in sound condition and your liver health

      May boost brain and heart health

      May reduce body aches and pains

      Can support the look and health of skin

      May support eye health, ease digestion and bowel movements

      Can support an alert and sharp mind

      Promotes joint health

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Packing: 25kg/drum with double LLDPE bags inside or with your demand.

Shelf life: Two years.

Storage: stored in a cool and dry well-close container, keep away from moisture and strong light heat.