Organic Nettle Leaf Nettle Leaf Stinging Nettle Root Extract Nettle Leaf Powder Stinging Nettle Root Capsules

Appearance: brown fine powder
Specification: 10:1

Product Details

Appearance: brown fine powderstinging nettle leaf  powder

Specification: 10:1


1. Used in the cosmetics with the feature of abundant vitamin.

2. Treatment for pain of rheumatism, postpartum convulsions,urticaria

3. Promote the blood circulation

4. Aid digestion and relax the bowels.

5. Relieve internal heat and fever.


Packing: 25kg/drum with double LLDPE bags inside or with your demand.

Shelf life: Two years.

Storage: stored in a cool and dry well-close container, keep away from moisture and strong light heat.