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Product Details

1. Pumpkin powder can prevent diabetes and regulate the level of blood sugar. 

Pumpkin Powder

2. The rich cobalt in it can activate the metabolism and promote the blood-production function in human body. 

3. The cobalt can also help to promote the production of vitamin B12, which is necessary for human insulin cells, so it is widely used in the treatment of diabetes.

4. This powder has the function of detoxification. It contains rich vitamins and pectin that absorbs and eliminate the bacteriotoxin and hazardous substances in human body.

5. Pumpkin powder can also be used to protect gastrointestinal mucous membrane and improve digestion. So it is beneficial for patients with gastric diseases.

6. The powder from pumpkin can prevent cancer effectively, because it can eliminate the mutation function of cancerogen and the egeneration ability of liver and kidney.

7. It owns rich zinc, a necessary substance for the growth and development of human body.