Spinach Powder

Spinach Powder
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Spinach Powder


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Spinach Powder

Product name: Spinach powder

Part used: Over the ground part

Latin name: Spinacia oleracea L.

Appearance: Light green powder

About spinach powder: 

Our products have the same production process as dehydrated vegetables, except that our products are powdered, we keep the drying temperature at about 60 ℃ so that we can reduce the loss of nutrients in spinach. And We try our best to find unpolluted land to grow raw materials, so we will control heavy metals within a reasonable range.

1. Spinach powder is rich in iron, it has the great effect in supplement of blood and good for people with anemia.

2. Spinach powder contains a lot of water-soluble cellulose and vitamin B6, it can eliminate toxins in the gut easily, prevent constipation and keep the skin healthy.

3. Spinach extract contains the insulin-like substance, it may help the diabetics keeping blood sugar stable.