Spirulina Powder

Product name: Spirulina Powder
Part used: Whole
Specification: Protein≥60%
Appearance: Dark Green Powder

Product Details

Spirulina Powder

Basic Information:                                                         

Product name: Spirulina Powder                                                                                  spirulina powder                                                

Part used: Whole

Specification:  Protein≥60%

Appearance: Dark Green Powder

About Spirulina Powder:

There are two kinds of spirulina powder in our factory, one is for animal feed, one is for food, besides, we can make it into tablets as your demand, the following table is the nutritional chart.

    Amino Acids
    Vitamin A    100-125mg    Alanine    2.73g
    Vitamin B1    2.5mg    Arginine    2.62g
    Vitamin B2    3.15mg    Aspartic Acid    4.10g
    Vitamin B3    85.4mg    Glutamic Acid    4.42g
    Vitamin B6    0.46mg    Glycine    2.21g
    Vitamin B12    0.048mg    Histidine    4.62g
    Vitamin E    4-10mg    Isoleucine    4.0g
    Lysine    2.11g
    Calcium    18.21mg    Methionine    4.56g
    Phosphorus    502mg    Phenyl Alanine    5.04g
    Magnesium    78-92mg    Serine    3.12g
    Iron    20-58mg    Threonine    3.61g
    Potassium    110-380mg    Tyrosine    3.51g
    Selenium    0.0052mg    Valine    3.25mg
    Fatty Acids

    Gamma Linolenic Acid    800mg    Total Carotenoids    0.4%min.

    Chlorophyll    800-1600mg
    Protein    65%-75%    Fats    5%-6%
    Phycocyanin    8%-12%    Carbohydrates    15%-16%


1. Improve the immunity of cells and stop the process of the aging.

2. Enhance metabolism.
3. Promote the wound repair.
4. Improve the ability of iron absorption and utilization.

Packing:25kg/drum with double LLDPE bags inside or with your demand.
Shelf life: Two years.
Storage: stored in a cool and dry well-closed container, keep away from moisture and strong light heat.